Pet Wellness Exam

Pets, much like humans, require regular physical checkups to maintain good health. These checkups are essential for detecting early signs of disease and addressing health issues promptly. At Pine Castle Animal Care Center, we are dedicated to providing quality veterinary care to our furry, four-legged patients in Orlando and the surrounding communities. 

Pet wellness exam

How often does your pet need a checkup?

The frequency of checkups depends on your pet's age, breed, and lifestyle. Exams can be conducted annually or semi-annually. Senior pets often require more frequent visits to the veterinarian. Since pets have shorter lifespans compared to humans, regular veterinary visits are necessary.

What does a typical physical exam involve?

During a physical exam, the veterinarian will first gather information about your pet's health history, starting from when they were young. Next, vital signs such as temperature, pulse, weight, and respiration rate will be measured. The veterinarian will then perform a thorough examination, checking your pet's ears, eyes, mouth, lymph nodes, lungs, and heart. Based on your pet's condition and any symptoms present, the veterinarian will provide recommendations. Vaccinations may also be recommended to prevent certain illnesses in the future.

What are the benefits of regular pet checkups?

Here are some benefits of regular physical exams for your pet:

    • Disease prevention: Pets can be adept at concealing health problems, so regular checkups are crucial for early detection. Often, you may not be aware that your pet is suffering from a condition until it becomes severe and life-threatening.
    • Pain prevention: Pets cannot communicate their pain to us directly. Therefore, it is vital to have them examined by a veterinarian who can identify signs of painful conditions such as dental problems and osteoarthritis.
    • Parasite protection: Veterinarians perform tests to identify if your pet has parasites like heartworms and gastrointestinal parasites.
    • Cost savings: Emergency situations and the treatment of chronic diseases can be expensive. Regular checkups are more cost-effective and can help detect potential issues before they become costly to treat.

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At Pine Castle Animal Care Center in Orlando, we understand that your pet is a beloved family member and your best friend. We treat all pets as if they were our own and provide them with the exceptional veterinarian assistance they deserve. Our experienced team of veterinarians is ready to serve you and help optimize the health of your pet. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (407) 855-5010.

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