Pet Eye Infections

Pets can experience eye infections, causing discomfort. If your pet has eye redness or discharge from the eye, it could be allergies, irritation, or infection. Pet eye infections should be treated promptly at an animal clinic to ensure no additional damage to your pet’s eyes. Our veterinarian at Pine Castle Animal Clinic in Orlando, FL, can help diagnose an eye infection, along with causes, treatments, and prevention tips.

Pet Eye Infections

Symptoms of Pet Eye Infections

Common signs and symptoms of pet eye infections include redness in and around the eyes, discharge, cloudy appearance, and swelling of the eyelids. If your pet is continually blinking, squinting, or pawing at their eye, it could also be a sign of an infection. Most pets can experience more than one symptom at a time, but it is not uncommon to see only one of the symptoms. At the first signs of an eye infection, it is essential to schedule an appointment at a local pet clinic for diagnosis.

Causes of Pet Eye Infections

The two leading causes of pet eye infections are bacterial and viral. Bacteria is the most common cause, caused by unicellular microscopic living organisms. Other common causes of eye infections include eye trauma and dry eye disease. Our veterinarian can provide animal care tips to help treat pet eye infections and suggestions to help prevent future infections.

What Causes Viral Eye Infections?

The canine distemper virus often causes a viral eye infection. If not regular vaccination, viral infections, left untreated, can cause complications for your pet. In addition, the symptoms of eye infections, such as bacterial or viral infections, may also be accompanied by nasal discharge, fever, and lethargy.

Treating Pet Eye Infections

Home remedies, including non-medicated saline rinses, can help flush your pet’s eye, but are only a short-term solution. It is best to go to your animal clinic to consult a veterinarian for treatment. Our veterinarian can provide medications to help treat your pet’s eye infection and offer tips for primary animal care.

Treat Your Pet’s Eye Infection at Our Orlando, FL, Pet Clinic

If your pet is experiencing any of the symptoms associated with an eye infection, it is best to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian. The pet clinic at Pine Castle Animal Clinic in Orlando, FL, can help diagnose and treat your pet’s infection. Call our office today at (407) 855-5010 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians. 

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