Pet Vaccinations

An important part of pet ownership is preventative medicine, and proper administration of vaccines can help protect your furry companion from certain diseases. We at Pine Castle Animal Care Center offer the residents of Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas, vaccinations for your cat or dog, and we invite you to bring your pet in for a visit. 


The Importance of Dog and Cat Vaccinations

A vaccine is a health product that is designed to bring your pet's system in contact with a potentially hazardous or fatal pathogen or agent of disease. This can provide them with partial or total immunity against a particular virus, helping them to suffer to a lesser degree or avoid becoming ill altogether. 

To keep their pets safe, pet owners can continue to vaccinate to maintain the herd immunity already achieved. It's also important to note that a dog or cat can still be exposed to these agents in the environment and might be susceptible if not immunized. Certain conditions, like rabies, can be transmitted to humans. 

Which Dog Vaccinations and Cat Vaccinations Does My Pet Need?

An animal that lives in the countryside will have different considerations than one that lives in the city. There are certain core vaccines that your veterinarian will recommend, however, no matter where they reside. 

Dogs might also need inoculation for rabies and canine hepatitis in addition to distemper and canine parvovirus. Additional shots may be necessary if you plan to have your pet around other pets as kennel cough is contagious and can spread through a pet population. 

What to Expect after a Trip to a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

There may be some side effects after your dog or cat is vaccinated, but these should generally be mild. Let a vet on our team know if there have been previous reactions in your pet's medical history, whether it was to vaccines or other medication. Seek help if your dog or cat experiences vomiting or diarrhea, has itchy skin, or any swelling around the face, eyes, or neck. Coughing or collapsing are also signs of a severe allergic reaction. 

Reach Out to Us to Schedule Dog Vaccinations and Cat Vaccinations

We at Pine Castle Animal Care Center serve people who live in the Orlando, FL, area, and we can help vaccinate your dog or cat. Call us at (407) 855-5010 for more information. We are here to help with a vet on our veterinary team.

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