Kidney Failure in Dogs

Canines can experience a variety of kidney problems that can have a serious impact on their health. Because the kidneys are essential for removing waste products from the bloodstream, any problem caused by disease or injury can mean serious effects on your dog’s health. At Pine Castle Animal Care Center in Orlando, we offer treatment for kidney failure in dogs.


Acute and Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs

Kidney failure in dogs can either be acute, coming on suddenly or chronic, with a slow reduction in kidney function over time. Acute kidney failure can be reversed if appropriate treatment is administered immediately. Chronic kidney failure cannot be cured, but the right treatment can extend the animal’s life.

Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Common symptoms of kidney failure include increased thirst, decreased appetite and increased frequency of urination, and accidents in the house. The dog may become lethargic and lose weight. You may notice bad breath in the animal and physical weakness.

Causes of Kidney Failure

Kidney disease can be congenital, occurring at birth from an underlying abnormality in the kidneys. Ingesting a toxic substance, such as antifreeze or household cleaners, can also cause kidney failure. Contaminated food or water can lead to kidney damage. Severe infections or kidney stones can lead to failure of the kidneys. Heatstroke or snakebites can also cause damage to the kidneys.

Diagnosis of Kidney Issues

Kidney failure is diagnosed through blood tests, which measure chemical levels in the blood. X-rays and ultrasound testing are also used to detect kidney disease. Kidney failure is usually staged in four categories, depending on the severity of the problem. 

Treating Canine Kidney Failure

Your veterinarian can provide several treatments that will extend your dog’s lifespan. Hydration is critical for dogs with kidney failure, so you should always keep a supply of clean water available for your dog to drink. Dietary changes can help support kidney function. Medications may also be prescribed to eliminate infections and improve function. Your vet can provide IV fluids to the animal to improve hydration and the removal of waste products from the blood. In later stages, the animal may require dialysis for the removal of toxins.

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