Pet Illness

Pet Illness

Pine Castle Animal Care Center in Orlando, FL

At Pine Castle Animal Care Center, we know what your pet means to you and the importance of quality care. This care is especially needed when an unforeseen pet illness affects your pet pal. At our Orlando, FL, animal clinic, you can rely on our veterinarian and staff to provide personalized service and maintain your pet's health.

About Pet Illness

Even with a good home environment, pets can have allergies, ear and eye infections, heartworm infestation, and dental issues that could become infected. In addition, curious pets may also ingest toxins, be susceptible to diabetes, become dehydrated, be affected by dermatology problems, and experience heat stroke.

One way to provide your pet with ongoing health care is to schedule a wellness exam. In addition, we offer an extensive list of specialty services, procedures, and access to board-certified specialists. Our veterinarian will provide these services when needed.

Whether your pet lives strictly indoors, spends most of its time outdoors, or traverses between the two, it can be subjected to situations that can impact its health.

Our Services

Once an initial wellness exam occurs, our veterinarian can administer vaccinations and diagnose any potential health problems. This exam may involve digital X-rays, ultrasound diagnostic imaging, and diagnostic exams and treatments.

For pets exhibiting dental issues, our staff will do digital dental X-rays. We also provide dental cleaning and polishing for ongoing maintenance to avoid dental problems. Our pet clinic is fully equipped to handle elective procedures, spaying and neutering, and minor and major surgeries. Our veterinarians tackle illnesses that common dogs and cats display.

Convenience and less stress for our pet parents are essential. For pets requiring temporary or continuous medication, we have an on-site pharmacy and also provide home delivery.

Pets of all ages can experience an illness or injury at any time. We offer affordable monthly wellness plans to avoid unexpected and costly vet bills. We also provide discounts to rescue groups and senior citizens.

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