Importance of Annual Wellness Exams

Just like humans, pets require regular physical checkups with a veterinarian. Your pet ages faster than you, and that's why you want to make sure they are checked more often to help detect illnesses before they are allowed to progress. At Pine Castle Animal Care Center, our vet has years of experience providing residents of Orlando, FL with reliable veterinary care.


How Often Should You Get Your Pet Checked?

Depending on the age, breed, and type of pet, your pet may need wellness exams annually or semi-annually. Senior dogs and cats require more frequent animal hospital visits. Pets have a relatively short life span, meaning it is essential for them to be examined frequently.

What Happens in a Wellness Exam?

Our veterinarian will take a history of your pet and note down everything about them since they were young. Next, we will take your pet's temperature, weight, pulse, and respiration rates. We will also perform a physical examination where your pet’s mouth, eyes, ears, heart, lungs, and lymph nodes are assessed. From this data, our vet can recommend proper dental care, exercises, nutrition, behavioral counseling, and pain management depending on your pet's condition. Your vet can also recommend vaccinations and deworming measures to prevent illnesses. All these recommendations are meant to achieve optimal health and wellness for your pet.

How Do Pets Benefit from Regular Wellness Exams?

The main aim of any exam is to detect, treat or prevent present or future problems before they become life-threatening. Your pet may not speak to their veterinarian about their pain or injury, but if they are allowed more visits to the vet, preventable diseases can be avoided. By providing personalized check-ups and follow up, veterinarians can pinpoint specific problems with your pet and recommend suitable treatment options before it's too late. Vets pay attention to how your pet reacts, how they move, the level of interaction, body size, and other aspects that make your pet unique.

Schedule Wellness Exams with our Veterinarian in Orlando

At Pine Castle Animal Clinic, we understand that your pet is your family and friend—a precise reason why we treat them like our own.  We have over 40 years of experience serving the Orlando, FL pet owners and look forward to serving more in the years to come. Our dedicated team of veterinarians will help pinpoint various health issues your pet could have and help keep their health optimal. For more information on the importance of wellness exams or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us at (407) 855-5010.

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