Pet Dental FAQs

Pet Dental FAQs

Taking care of your pet should be a top priority in your life. Love, exercise, veterinarian care, and a good diet are the pillars of a healthy pet. However, there is one area that a lot of pet owners oftentimes overlook. Taking care of your pet's dental health is important. This will ensure that their teeth last much longer and their quality of life remains top-notch. Pine Castle Animal Clinic in Orlando, FL has the right information you need to help you take care of your pet's teeth. Let us look at some frequently asked questions and how we can help you say on top of your pet's dental health.


How Common Are Pet Dental Problems?

Did you know that over seventy percent of cats and dogs will experience periodontal disease in their later stages in life? Periodontal disease can cause serious problems for their heart as bacteria can slip into the bloodstream and cause a buildup. It is also known that their kidneys and liver can become damaged in the process too. Taking your pet to your veterinarian is the best way to prevent this problem from happening. Regular teeth cleanings can stop periodontal disease before it becomes a major issue.

What Are The Signs That My Pet needs Dental Car?

One of the biggest tells of dental issues is a red stripe that begins to appear along your pet's gumline. This is an indicator that inflammation is beginning to build up due to bacteria. You may notice that your pet is reluctant to eat or chew on something. This could be an indicator that they are experiencing teeth pain and should receive treatment right away.

How Often Should I Take My Pet to The Vet for Cleanings?

While this question has a wide variety of answers, taking your pet to the vet every six months on average is your best bet to keep their teeth healthy. However, your vet will inform you if you need to come more often to take care of your pet's teeth.

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