Pet Ear Infections

Treating Ear Infections in Your Pet

If you're in the Orlando, FL area and your pet is dealing with ear infections, our veterinarian is here to help. At Pine Castle Animal Clinic, we know it can be frustrating for both you and your pet when an ear infection appears. Luckily, there are plenty of treatments available today that can clear up ear infections quickly and make things easier and more comfortable for your pet. Your pet doesn't have to struggle with ears that itch and are uncomfortable or even painful. We're here and ready to help, so your pet can feel good again and the two of you can enjoy your time together.


Ear Infections Are Common Issues for Pets

Ear infections are a common issue for dogs, cats, and other pets, especially in areas of the country where it's warm most of the year.  These infections are caused by bacteria that get into the ears. Once ear infections develop, they need prompt treatment. Keeping your pet's ears clean can help reduce the chances of infection, but if one does occur, our veterinarian can help treat it so it goes away quickly.

Treating an Ear Infection May Require Antibiotics

Generally, ear infections require antibiotics for treatment. While it's true that there are over-the-counter ear drop options, these are just for keeping the ears clean and dislodging wax and debris. They aren't for treating infections, which may make your pet's ears red and warm. You may also notice that your pet’s infected ears have an unpleasant smell, and that your dog or cat is doing a lot of scratching and digging at his ears. These are symptoms of an ear infection and should be checked out by our vet so treatment can begin. With a course of antibiotics, your pet should be feeling better in no time.

An Animal Hospital You Can Trust

At Pine Castle Animal Clinic in Orlando, FL, we know that ear infections can be a big problem for pets. With the warm and humid climate here in the south, these infections can be frustrating and persistent, too. We're here to help. Contact us today and let our vet take a look at your pet's ears. Our animal hospital is ready and willing to help you get your pet's ears feeling and looking good again, helping your pet enjoy all of their adventures. We'll be here to answer your questions and treat any ear issues your pet might have, so you can both enjoy more peace of mind for the future.

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