Pet Dermatology at Pine Castle Animal Clinic

When pets develop skin problems, it can affect their comfort and appearance. Often, the source of the problem requires careful investigation. At Pine Castle Animal Clinic in Orlando, FL, we help pets find relief from whatever skin-related issues they may be experiencing.

pet dermatology

Skin Irritation

Pet owners are very attuned to their pet's behavior and often notice excessive scratching pretty quickly. They may then check the animal's skin and notice redness or irritation in the area. Sometimes, these problems are caused by contact with harsh cleaning chemicals or substances in plants. If you notice your pet excessively scratching or licking an area, it may be time to schedule an appointment for dermatology care at our Orlando clinic.


A rash can be a result of contact with household chemicals, insect bites, or caused by allergic reactions. You may notice red spots, bumps, or even lesions that are open and oozing. Careful investigation and management with medication, baths, and other measures can help to relieve uncomfortable rashes.


Pets may develop allergic reactions to grass, chemicals, or sometimes, from the food they eat. Skin tests and blood tests help our vets determine the cause of the reaction. An elimination diet may be necessary to feed your pet only one food at a time to find the specific one that causes the reaction.

Hair Loss

Severe skin problems can lead to the loss of hair. This can result from secondary skin infections or from constant scratching to relieve itching. Tiny parasites called mites can infect the skin and lead to hair loss in patches on the body. Our vets can detect these parasites by taking a sample from the skin and examining it under a microscope. We can offer effective medications to treat the underlying problem, alleviate skin irritation, and allow hair to regrow in the affected area.

Treatments for Pet Skin Problems

Veterinarians generally prescribe steroid medications or antibiotic creams to reduce skin problems in pets. If the cause is an allergy, our vet may prescribe antihistamines and advise ways for your pet to avoid contact with the allergen, such as additional cleaning measures, air purifiers, or keeping your animal indoors during certain seasons. Determining which food item is causing the reaction can take some time and may require a special diet.

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