On-Site Pharmacy

Coming SoonFor your convenience, we have an on-site pharmacy, allowing you to have your pet’s prescribed medications refilled and picked up right here in our facility. These include parasite preventives, special diets, and other prescriptions. All pets must be current on their wellness exams before a medication can be prescribed. If you need to schedule an exam, give us a call at (407) 855-5010.

Benefits of Buying Meds from a Vet

Aside from the convenience factor, there are many other benefits to buying your pet’s medications from a veterinarian instead of from a retailer:

  • A veterinarian can let you know of any side effects that your pet might experience with a particular medication
  • With an updated wellness exam, a veterinarian can let you know exactly what your pet needs
  • Buying your pet’s medications from a veterinarian ensures that the proper dosage is prescribed
  • You can be confident that the medications are stored in a safe place at the proper temperature in a veterinary facility
  • Since medications purchased at a veterinary facility require a prescription, they are guaranteed to be safe and valid (unexpired)


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