Pet Dehydration and Heatstroke

Heatstroke and Dehydration in Pets

The spring and summer months are times when everyone wants to spend more time outdoors with their pet. Yet, that gorgeous summer sun can be brutal on cloudless days. Making sure that your pet has shade and water available at all times is important during these months. Our team at Pine Castle Animal Clinic in Orlando, FL also likes to make sure that you have all of the information you need to know about how to prevent and treat heat-related emergencies.

Pet Dehydration and Heatstroke

What Are the Symptoms of Dehydration?

Your pet can't just ask you for a bowl of cool water, which is why you need to know the signs they may show that they are getting dehydrated. A pet in need of water may start panting rapidly. You might also notice that they are urinating less frequently, and their skin might lose elasticity. Sunken eyes are another sign that you might notice if your pet isn't getting enough water while they are playing outside in Kissimmee, FL.

What Are the Signs of Heatstroke in Pets?

With heatstroke, your pet may begin to exhibit more concerning behavior. They may seem disoriented or confused. If the problem isn't addressed quickly, then they may also vomit or have difficulty breathing. Severe cases of heatstroke can lead to your pet collapsing, requiring emergency medical attention.

Plan Ahead for Keeping Your Pet Safe From the Heat

Whether you are traveling to or visiting the Orlando and St. Cloud area, you'll need to know how to prevent your pet from ever reaching this point. Never leave your pet alone in a car on a hot day. The inside of your car can reach dangerous levels within just minutes. Always take your pet inside with you when you are traveling through the area, or arrange for a pet sitter if you are going somewhere that isn't dog-friendly.

When your pet is outside, keep plenty of fresh, cool water available. Keep in mind that water can get hot if it is placed in the direct sun. Adding shade to your dog's outdoor play areas is another way to help them stay cool. If possible, you may also want to bring your pet into your house during periods of prolonged heat.

Find Out More Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe In the Summer

At Pine Castle Animal Clinic in Southchase, FL, we frequently treat pets that experience heat-related illnesses. Pets that are in good health are also better able to withstand rising temperatures. Make sure to bring your pet in to see their veterinarian for a checkup, and give us a call right away if you suspect that they are getting sick from the heat. Call us today at (407) 855-5010 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. 

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