Pet Car Accidents

Car Accidents Are Dangerous for Pets

Car Accidents Are Dangerous for Pets

Car accidents are frightening enough as is for humans who know how to operate the car and who knows what steps to take after the accident. This isn't the case for pets, which can become very frightened to the point of fleeing if he isn't hurt. Car accidents may not be at the front of your mind most of the time, but take a few minutes to think about what you would do if your pet were in an accident and how to prevent him from getting hurt. At Pine Castle Animal Clinic in Orlando, we can help your pet if he is injured.

Car Restraints for Pets Are Like Seatbelts for Humans

Before anything else, do you have a restraint for your pet in the car, like a harness? Special harnesses and restraints are made for pets in cars to function as seatbelts do for humans. They prevent the pet from leaping around, although some have bungee-cord attachments that give your pet a bit of freedom. They also help keep the pet in place should an impact occur.

Unrestrained Pets Can Cause an Accident

An unrestrained pet can actually cause an accident by running around and bothering you inside the car while you are trying to drive. Some pets do very well in cars and do nothing as long as they can look out a window, but others are unruly. You do not want your pet to distract you from the road.

Unrestrained Pets Can Run Away After an Accident

Even if your pet is very good in cars and does not bother you, if you are in a serious accident, your pet could become scared and run away from the car. Then you will have to recover from the accident while worrying about where your pet has gone. A harness could prevent that.

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