Urinary Obstruction

Keeping your pets happy and healthy can sometimes get tricky. Your pets can't tell you exactly what is wrong when they are in pain or sick. Having a reliable vet near Orlando, St. Cloud, Kissimmee and Southchase FL is imperative for figuring out what's going wrong when your pet is in trouble. Medical conditions such as a urinary obstruction can be hard to determine without the help of veterinary intervention. Keep reading to learn more about this condition and how we can help at Pine Castle Animal Care Center.

What is Urinary Obstruction?

Urinary obstruction is anything that stops the flow of urine at any point in the urinary tract. The urinary tract is made up of the kidneys, the bladder, and all the tubes that connect these together and move urine out of the body. If there is an obstruction in the urinary tract, it can cause a serious health condition for your pet that need to be treated by a veterinarian like the ones at our animal hospital.

What Are the Symptoms of This Condition?

Although your pet will not be able to tell you if it is experiencing this problem, there are some symptoms you can look for.

  • A decrease in urination
  • Pain or sounds of pain during urination
  • Posturing for urination but no production
  • Lethargy

If your animal is exhibiting any of these symptoms, you should have them evaluated at our vet as soon as possible. If left untreated, a urinary obstruction can become a serious and even fatal health condition.


If the urinary obstruction is caught early enough, a FL veterinarian may be able to flush the system with fluid to remove the obstruction. If this does not work, however, surgery can be used to fix the problem.

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