5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary Dermatologist

If your pet is troubled by skin irritation or a rash, seeking dermatological help is essential to prevent the issue from progressing. Likewise, taking good care of your cat or dog's skin is an important part of maintaining your pet’s overall health and wellness. If you live in or around Orlando and are concerned about your pet’s health, contact our veterinarians at Pine Castle Animal Clinic to schedule a checkup for your furry friend. Let’s look at five warning signs that indicate your pet needs a dermatologist.

A Rash on the Skin

A pet that exhibits a rash on its skin will likely suffer from itchiness due to inflammation. A rash requires medication to avoid further irritation. Introducing a few lifestyle changes for your pet can also help avoid future rashes from developing.

Bald Areas

If your cat or dog has spots where fur is missing, a possible skin problem may be causing the fur loss. Another cause of fur loss for your pet is if your pet often scratches or licks its coat. This may be due to an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed.

Pet Allergies

A pet suffering from allergies may experience complications with its skin as part of the underlying problem. Our veterinarians will assist you in determining the root cause of the allergic reactions in your pet so can limit your pet’s exposure to these triggers. Furthermore, our veterinarian will perform diagnostic exams to detect possible allergens.

Dry Skin

A pet with dry skin requires moisturizing treatment to replace the oils that maintain the coat. Special ointments or creams can be used to help this condition. If your pet is experiencing dry skin, refrain from washing it regularly, as this will only add to the problem.

Fleas on Your Pet’s Skin

A pet that is infested with fleas increases its chances of experiencing skin problems. Fleas propagate itchiness on your pet as they crawl on its skin. Our veterinarians will help you to get rid of these troubling pests.

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