Why Dental Hygiene is Important For Pets

Keeping your pet healthy in Orlando, FL means regular visits to the veterinarian for pet dental care. There are a number of reasons why it’s necessary for your pets to see their veterinarian regularly in order to have proper dental hygiene.

Prevent Tooth Loss

With poor dental hygiene, the structures that support the teeth can become infected or damaged, causing teeth to fall out. With the right hygiene and pet dental care, those structures can remain healthy and strong. Otherwise, it can lead to your pet having issues with eating.

Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath is a sign that your pet has bacteria building up in its mouth. Cleaning teeth regularly can prevent food from clinging to your pet’s gums and teeth and prevent bad breath.

Avoid Periodontal Disease

If tartar is left on your pet's teeth, it can cause a gum infection and inflammation. The gums can start to recede, leaving the teeth more vulnerable.

Prevent Pain

Both periodontal disease and gingivitis can cause pain. Imagine the pain that you would feel if you had a toothache. This is the same pain your pet feels. By keeping your pet’s gums and teeth healthy, you can prevent pain so your pet will want to eat and not experience any mood changes. Signs of dental disease include lost teeth, bad breath, bleeding or painful gums, and broken teeth.

Prevent Organ Damage

Bacteria that cause plaque to form your pet’s teeth can also enter the bloodstream. This bacteria then spreads to your pet’s kidneys, liver, and heart and can cause organ damage. This makes your pet sick and leads to a visit to the animal hospital.

Save Money in the Future

Proper dental hygiene and catching issues early can help you prevent big issues with your pet later on. If your vet notices plaque is starting to build on your pet’s teeth then he or she can clean it before it forms tartar and leads to periodontal disease. You are then preventing organ damage and saving yourself and your pet from expensive procedures at an animal hospital in the future.

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