Importance of Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed

Importance of Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed

Your dogs or cats will look and feel their best if they are groomed on a routine basis. If you need assistance with pet grooming, contact Pine Castle Animal Clinic in Orlando, FL, to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Read on to learn why pet grooming is important, what steps you can take at home, and what happens when you visit our animal hospital to seek help from our vet.

Why Pet Grooming Is Important

A pet that is not groomed is at risk for medical troubles. Unclean pets may lick at fur that is embedded with bacteria. They could become injured if a nail or claw becomes snagged in carpeting. They could lose teeth due to a buildup of tartar on tooth surfaces. They will also appear unkempt and may have an odor due to lack of bathing.

Steps You Can Take at Home

It is important to bathe your pets if they appear dirty. If your pets are sprayed by a skunk or if they have a mishap involving a chemical, immediate bathing is necessary. Simply add a few inches of warm water to a bathtub and place your pets inside while holding them in place. Gently dampen your pets' fur and use an appropriate pet shampoo to remove debris. Be sure to wash out the shampoo in its entirety. Dry your pet with a hairdryer or keep them wrapped in a warm towel for several minutes after bathing. Tend to your pets' nails or claws using clippers. Inspect your pets' eyes and ears, and use a moistened washcloth to remove any debris. Clean your pets' teeth using a pet toothbrush and paste as well.

What Our Veterinarian Can Do to Help

If you are unable to groom your pet yourself, or if you suspect your pet has a medical problem caused by improper grooming, our veterinarian will perform the necessary tasks in our office. We also provide preventative actions and emergency services.

Contact Pine Castle Animal Clinic in Orlando at 407-855-5010 to make an appointment with our vet or to find out more about our animal hospital.

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