How to help your pets with seasonal allergies

How to Help Your Pets' Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies can make your pets miserable. These summer allergies from pollen and other allergens can cause itchiness, respiratory issues, and other symptoms. Thankfully, there are ways to ease your pets’ seasonal allergies. At Pine Castle Animal Care Center, our veterinarian in Orlando, FL, offers pet allergy treatments. Whether your pets have a pollen allergy or other seasonal allergies, the following tips can help.

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Watch your pets for signs of allergies to pollen or other seasonal allergens. You might see your pets biting or scratching the skin. Your pets might also have skin inflammation, frequent ear infections, wheezing, or other respiratory issues. Additional signs of seasonal allergies include excessive paw licking and shedding.

Allergy Medications

Some allergy medicines people use are safe for pets, such as certain antihistamines. However, always check with our veterinarian before giving your pets any medications. This check helps ensure medications can be used safely for allergy relief.

Give Pets a Bath

Baths can help remove pollen and other allergens from your pets’ coat and skin. Use a pet shampoo with oatmeal to help soothe and moisturize your pet's skin and reduce itchiness.

Avoid Allergen Exposure

If your pets have a pollen allergy, avoid going out when pollen counts are high. If you can’t avoid going outside completely, limit the time spent with your pets.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Orlando, FL

Schedule an appointment to see our veterinarian for severe seasonal allergies or symptoms. We can help you find effective ways to relieve your pets’ allergy symptoms and lower the risk of serious complications, such as infections from excessive scratching.

Suppose your pets show signs of seasonal allergies, such as biting or itchiness, call (407) 855-5010 to make an appointment with Pine Castle Animal Care Center. Our veterinarian in Orlando, FL, can evaluate your pets and recommend treatment to help relieve allergy symptoms.

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